Our more than 20 years of experience of Insurance Industry. Before Pioneering the concept of Services, under employment of Insurance TPA.

Having a wide range of experience in, Claims procedure, Health Government Project/ Scheme Tie-up with Insurance Co and Marketing. We have started to provide services to Hospital Industry.

CMS entered the healthcare industry with the aim of providing back office services to payers and providers.

Since then, we’ve processed thousands of claims, growing with our market through years of expansion and regulatory changes. We’ve met those challenges with new services, technologies, and acquisitions to develop an infrastructure for serving our customers in an ever-evolving healthcare environment

Experience Team Delivering higher speed and accuracy in claims processing.

Claims processing is one of the highest administrative costs in the healthcare payer industry—especially as demand rises for faster, error-free processing and payments, and a better overall customer experience. Oasis’s Claims Processing, TPA Desk Provider and Adjudication solutions streamline payers’ claims operations by addressing inefficiencies across claims intake, processing, adjudication and payment.