What is insurance coverage?

Health insurance coverage is a particular medical expense for person(s) who is/are covered under the issued policy. Knowing your insurance helps you claim what is rightfully yours. Make sure you are well aware of your health insurance plan and understand all the rightful benefits.

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Understand Claim Rejection

There are several reasons insurance companies deny claims for. While some reasons

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Understand Insurer Query

After you file a reimbursement claim, the insurer may raise queries for

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Know Your Claim Status

This is an important part of the entire health insurance claim process. To get your

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Know Insurance Coverage

Monitor and keep updated with your claim status using the CMS's online platform. Share your

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Explore Claim Filing

From claim intimation to claim submission, filing your medical claim includes multiple

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Learn Claim Return

Claim payout or claim return is a sum of money paid to

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